I’m Linda Arcuri, and I live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with my husband, Brendan. Our adult son, Ian, is a student of alternative energy technology at Columbia Gorge College.

I started practicing yoga and meditation in 1997, and what began as a way to get fit and relieve stress evolved into a passion and way of life. I appreciate the way Yoga Tune Up® makes me feel better in my body and helps me be prepared for and recover more easily from other activities, such as spinning, hiking, and weight training. Especially as I get older, I love the feeling of getting stronger and feeling more integrated, balanced, and resilient over time.

My daily meditation practice is also essential to my well-being, helping me to be more mindful, live more intentionally, and feel more compassion for myself and others. I have received training in both Buddhist and yogic meditation styles and am a certified meditation instructor through the Open Heart Project and a Level II Teacher-in-Training of iRest® Yoga Nidra.  

With an education in the traditional medical field (Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from The University of Texas at Austin), I bring a grounded, practical perspective to my teaching of yoga and meditation. The techniques and practices I share are based on sound study and research as well as extensive personal practice. A lifelong student, I continue to learn and study with my teachers and through my own practice, and it is an honor and joy to share the practices I love with my students.

In my work as a Drug Information Specialist, I have been writing for the well-respected publications of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists since 1996. I enjoy sharing about yoga, meditation, veganism, and spirituality on my blog, and I have contributed my writing to the website Chic Vegan and my proofreading and copy editing expertise to online vegan fashion and beauty magazine La Fashionista Compassionista.